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hotel promotion in israel

The promotion level consists of a wide variety of parameters, Which are also related to the attractiveness of the destination, but also to the amount of money invested in marketing and branding. Some areas in Greece are spectacular, But without a constant marketing procedure, only a few tourists will arrive.
 participation of hotels that pay us and from these financial resources we do marketing activities that bring tourists, the more hotels we have in a certain area, the more budgets we have for Internet marketing activities
The hotel owner who invests in advertising with us is the one who will receive most of the exposure thanks to the advertising on the site that we will produce for them, but this hotel also contributes to the marketing process of the area itself by virtue of our investment in promotion activities for the region.
It is no coincidence that the percentage of tourists from Israel in Zagori and Tzumerka, has more than 30 hotels that pay for this marketing. These hotels are the main beneficiaries, but all the region of Epirus enjoys these fruits of their investment, same in Pelion, Agistri, Crete and more locations in Greece.
The cost of advertising is not high compared to the immediate profit they produce. This is a few hundred euros per hotel per year, which can be covered by a single customer's reservation for a few days at the hotel.
Destinations in Greece for which we create online campaigns, video campaigns, and constant content production are likely to have high level promotion [ PL ] Other areas where there is less budget involvement are likely to be on a lower level of promotion, You, business owners from the field of tourism can easily increase the level of promotion of your Destination by launching advertising on our site, If you can raise 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 hotels, we can even proceed to a very extensive marketing process.

Epirus PL [ 8 ]  zagori / ioannina / metsovo / tzoumerka
Pelion PL [ 8 ]
Crete PL  [ 8 ]
Paros PL [ 6-7]
Agistri PL [ 8 ]
Karpenissi PL [ 5 ]
Athens PL [ 7 ]
Trikala corinthias PL [ 7 ]
Thessaloniki PL [ 6 ]
Santorini PL [ 7 ]
Lefkada PL [ 6 ]
Alonissos PL [6.5]
Arachova PL [ 3 ]
Evia PL [4 ]

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